Architectural Design and Brilliant Colors Make this Sign Pop

Needing an exterior sign that wouldn’t fail to catch the eye, Signs West of Austin, Texas gave our Signs By Benchmark team a call. The result of this collaboration was a colorful custom design featuring staggered elements to add depth and architectural beauty.

The double-sided monument stands 88″ wide x 145″ high x 27″ deep and sports seven colors. The base was created with an EIFS stone finish while acrylic stucco balances the rest of the attractive sign. Copy was mounted directly onto the sign face then the entire unit was encased in Signs By Benchmark’s signature hard coat for lasting strength and durability under harsh weather conditions.

“The end customer loves the sign,” said Dub Paden of Signs West. “They own many properties and will be doing multiple signs like this one in the future.”

Allow your customers to admire a new sign just as this Signs West customer does. Collaborate with us on your upcoming exterior or interior sign projects. Give us a call at 800-658-3444 or 605-886-8084 to discuss your customer’s unique needs.

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Signs By Benchmark colorful monument sign

Unpacking Signs By Benchmark monument signInstalled Monument Sign