Composite Shapes & Stud-mounted Letters

When the Casey Tibbs South Dakota Rodeo Center/Mattie Goff-Newcombe Conference Center wanted stud-mounted lettering and larger-than-life shapes for use during renovation, our design flexibility provided the affordable answer. Because of our CNC cutting technology, we were able to create custom shapes and lettering in the required sizes – without tooling costs.

To memorialize the talents of Casey Tibbs and Mattie Goff-Newcombe, Signs By Benchmark Designer Jamie Kakacek worked from photos to create realistic visual representations. The photos were digitized to create CNC cutting files that were then used to manufacture over 12′ tall silhouettes of each character.

Once the shapes and letters were CNC cut, stud mounts were applied. For installation ease, mounting templates were created for 38 assemblies, 89 letters and 2 silhouettes.

Prior to shipment, the products were completely encapsulated with hard coat. Deis Construction of Pierre, South Dakota performed finishing, acrylic stucco application and installation.

Signs By Benchmark:

  • Designs cost-effective alternatives to standard formed plastic or cast letters
  • Offers thick letters that look like cast letters (no tooling costs)
  • Cuts letters from 1/2 inch to 10 feet thick
  • Uses acrylic stucco and automotive or latex paint finishes
  • Is not limited to typical sheet stock quantities

Because of our design flexibility, our customers receive custom products without paying custom prices.