This list represents the most common questions we’ve received concerning our product. Please use this list below as a reference tool. If your question is not addressed, please call or email us – we’re glad to help.

1. How do I install my sign?

Because Benchmark signs are not pole-supported, they can slide over pre-set poles or the poles can be installed at the same time the sign is set.

2. Can my sign be painted?

In short, yes. Signs By Benchmark uses only name brand acrylic stucco to finish our signs. This ensures that you have the best finish possible and that your sign will last for years to come. The actual longevity of your sign depends upon its location and exposure to the elements. If needed, Signs By Benchmark recommends using a high quality paint and following the manufacturer’s procedures for surface prep and application.

3. How do I repair my sign if it’s damaged?

Minor damage, like scratches and scrapes, can easily be repaired. Included in every Signs By Benchmark’s installation kit are small jars of stucco and paint to match the colors used on your sign. For larger damage, we recommend you send us a photo of the damage. We will then contact you with a recommendation on repairing your sign. In addition, we keep records of the colors used when manufacturing your sign. Should the need arise in the future, we can provide you with that information.

4. How do I illuminate my sign?

Signs By Benchmark can integrate an illuminated cabinet into your sign. If you choose a non-illuminated sign, we recommend an exterior floodlight application. Simply contact a local electrician to discuss your options. Because sign codes are different in all areas, we cannot provide floodlights with your sign.

5. How heavy is my sign?

Weighing approximately two pounds per cubic foot, our signs are very lightweight, making them easy to install. The use of a crane is often unnecessary.

6. What is polyurea?

Polyurea is truly a remarkable coating used successfully today in a variety of applications. The automotive industry uses polyurea to make car moldings due to its strength and impact-resistant qualities.

7. How strong is my sign?

Very strong. Signs By Benchmark is located in Watertown, South Dakota, where our temperature cycle throughout the year can range from -30 degrees below zero to well above 100 degrees Fahrenheit! The coating we use is formulated to hold up under these extreme conditions and is specifically formulated to cover EPS.

8. Can additions be made after my sign has been installed?

Yes. You are not limited to Signs By Benchmark’s copy and lettering. You can easily add a variety of other materials to the surface of your sign.

9. How does the price compare to steel frame or aluminum frame signs?

When comparing simple signage, our composite signs are approximately 10-20% less expensive than steel frame construction. In projects requiring more complex designs, the cost differential can be as high as 40% due to the additional labor costs associated with custom steel construction.

10. How does my sign hold up to hail and severe weather?

Signs By Benchmark’s polyurea hard coat provides excellent protection against hail and severe weather. Quite often, hail that would damage a traditional metal sign will not affect a composite sign. Even though we call our polyurea a “hard coat,” it is still relatively flexible due to it’s combination with the EPS, creating a strong, durable product.

11. Does my sign require maintenance?

Your sign, although most often kept clean with regular rainfall, can be rinsed with water using a simple garden hose. Because there are no materials used in construction that will rust or rot, your sign will require very little maintenance.

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