Faux Stone Base Satisfies Quest for Unique Integrated Signage

When a Grand Forks, N.D. customer desired signage that would stand out from the crowd, Scenic Sign Corp. (serving N.D., S.D. & Minn.) quickly responded with a unique design featuring a faux stone base.”The main focus was to make the sign look different from any other in the community,” said Daryl Kirt, Scenic Sign Corp. Grand Forks representative. “The customer didn’t want a cookie-cutter type sign.”

Once all interested parties had signed off on the design, Scenic Sign Corp. placed a quick call to Signs By Benchmark. Knowing about their expertise in creating a durable, quality product that would eliminate the need for additional out-sourcing was the driving factor.

“We wanted to be able to install the sign without having to deal with elements we couldn’t control – like masonry,” said Kirt. “We wanted to walk away from the install, leaving a completely finished project.”

Designed to accept an electronic message center (EMC), logo and lettering, the 12′ 7″ wide base features a 6′ 6″ high faux stone column with stepped sides ranging from 25 – 39″ deep. A faux limestone cap provides a classic finishing touch to the column.

This collaborative project is a good example of how Signs By Benchmark successfully partners with its customers.

“A very effective partnership develops as we do our part of the job and our customer does theirs,” said Matt Frey of Signs By Benchmark. “Collaborating in this way allows sign shops to provide their customers with complete, turnkey signage.”

According to Kirt, installation was accomplished with ease. “It’s nice to work with a product that’s so lightweight,” he said. “Minor adjustments can be made without a crane truck.”

Enjoy an effective partnership with Signs By Benchmark. Give the creative team a call today at 800-658-3444. Discuss your projects with them, knowing they will successfully work closely with you throughout the entire project.

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Integrated Sign with Faux Stone Base  
Faux Stone Base DrawingFaux Stone Base Faux Stone Base