Historic Theatre Crowned with Reproduction of Original Marquee


Recreating the original marquee for historic Saginaw, Michigan Temple Theatre was a perfect fit for the artistry and engineering of Eric Larsen and his company, Empire Architectural. Working from postcards and photos showing the theatre when it opened in 1927, Larsen designed the new marquee, then called on our Signs By Benchmark team for components.

Towering 64′ above the sidewalk, the marquee’s size called for lightweight parts to meet structural and durability requirements. Our expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam core medium was the perfect choice. Its flexibility allowed our team to create routed and hand carved decorative spirals, ball ornaments, spires, and a 96″ wide x 12′ high tower crown that caps the fully assembled marquee.

Working with Larsen and World Wide Sign Systems, our team designed mounting methods for each part, then created them with internal support structures and attachment points ready for assembly. All components were sealed with our signature hard coat. UV-stable automotive paint was used to achieve vibrant colors that contribute to the eye-catching allure of the marquee blade and wedge sign.

Our team shipped all components to World Wide Sign Systems where they were pre-fitted prior to installation. Continual communication between the three companies ensured project success.

“I felt very confident working with Signs By Benchmark,” said Eric Larsen of Empire Architectural. “I knew I could count on them to deliver what I was looking for in the final look and quality. Both the customer and the city the theatre is located in are very pleased with the marquee. I have heard nothing but good things about the marquee and it has opened the door for me to design more marquees for other theatres. It was a pleasure working with Signs By Benchmark. I plan to use their services again.”

This unique project was featured in the March 2017 edition of Sign Builder Illustrated magazine. To read the full article, click here, then scroll to page 35.

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Installed theatre marquee



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Installing Temple Theatre marquee components