Innovative Sign Accents

When a customer wanted unique signage features, Bill Ortmeier of Stein Sign Display knew that creative sign accents were needed to enhance one of their illuminated cabinets. He turned to Signs By Benchmark for elements that would give the sign a warmer, more established look.

Matching the brick and windowsill finishes of the existing building was essential. Working from high-quality photos and color samples, Signs By Benchmark created a faux limestone top cap and brick pole cover.

Decorative Pole Cover by Signs By Benchmark

· Faux brick and limestone trim match the existing building, eliminating need for costly brick and masonry work.

· Lightweight composite structure does not require a traditional below-frost foundation. Mechanically attached, it is completely supported by the sign cabinet.

Top Cap by Signs By Benchmark

· Decorative crown molding matches the limestone windowsill finish of the existing building.

· The structure is directly attached to the sign cabinet via mechanical fasteners.

Cabinet by Stein Sign Display

· Cabinet is internally illuminated.

· Aluminum face features cut-out, push-through letters.

“Signs By Benchmark accents compliment our signs,” stated Bill Ortmeier of Stein Sign Display. “By offering innovative components, they help us stay competitive.”

Stein Sign Display reported that installation took only slightly more than one hour. “Installation was simple,” said Ortmeier. “Because we didn’t need additional contractors, such as a brick layer, we had full control. There were no delays.”

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