New Monument Sign Mirrors Historic Library Architecture


We recently collaborated with Brushmarks Signs of Detroit Lakes, MN to create a custom foam core monument sign designed to match existing elements of an historic public library.

Working from high quality digital photos of building materials and coordinating paint swatches supplied by Brushmarks Signs, our team created a monument that blends in, achieving unity of style while standing out in its own right.

The design called for hand sculpted EIFS brick to match originals of the building. Additional components called for our aged concrete finish. As always, once assembled, the entire unit was sealed with our signature hard coat to achieve strength and durability. The result was a lightweight, lovely blend of classic elements in a commanding sign measuring 74 5/8″ high x 132 1/4″ wide x 40″ wide, ready for Brushmarks Signs to insert an illuminated cabinet.

“We enjoyed working with Signs By Benchmark on this project for our City Library,” said Mark Olsen of Brushmarks Signs. “The customer was thrilled with the finished product, and how well the brick and architectural features matched the historic building.”

When required to match existing elements, call our Signs By Benchmark team at 800-658-3444 or 605-886-8084 to discuss how we can meet your project needs. We specialize in foam core custom exterior and interior signs and components such as bases, poles, tops, and architectural accents.

Foam Sign matching historic building elements









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Historic Library Architecture






Matching existing building colors




Creating foam monument sign