Realistic Faux Wood Finish Monument Sign Graces Church

Faux Wood Finish Foam Monument SignThe Grand Rapids Baptist Church is the new owner of a foam core monument sign that boldly and gracefully advertises the building.

The result of a collaboration between our Signs By Benchmark team and that of City Sign Erectors of Grand Rapids, Michigan, the monument is our replication of an image provided by City Sign Erectors.

Measuring 120″ wide x 72″ high x 20″ deep, the double-sided monument sports acrylic stucco on the base and faux wood finish on the sign face. Stud-mounted Gemini acrylic copy and an embossed logo complete the modern look.

As with all our products, the monument was encapsulated in our signature hard coat to ensure protection from the elements and time, helping ensure the end customer’s investment. Installation was easy due to the sign’s light weight.

“The sign looks great and the client loves it!” said Geoff Momber of City Sign Erectors. “Install was a breeze and went very quickly. Craig and Jamie from Signs By Benchmark were absolutely great to work with and made this a great overall project.”

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