Scaled Replica Accents the Sign

Nosing skyward atop new signage, a replica Lockheed Vega airplane created by Signs By Benchmark craftsmen completely expresses a North Dakota school’s individuality. Measuring 66″ long X 23″ high with a wingspan of 96″, the replica is the result of another successful collaboration between Signs By Benchmark and Indigo Signworks of Fargo, North Dakota (

Creating an exact scaled replica that would experience some of the same weather effects as the original caused some design challenges. To compensate for adverse conditions, plans included an internal steel armature that would provide strength and ensure the wings would not fail under wind load. High quality photos of the original and a model kit of a similar airplane were used for reference as parts were first CNC-cut, then hand-sculpted to precise dimensions. Created from stainless steel and aluminum, cylinder heads were attached directly to the internal frame. Once assembled, the entire replica was encapsulated in Signs By Benchmark’s signature protective coating, then primed and painted with automotive paint.

Indigo Signworks mounted the replica to extend above the 8′ wide X 17′ high sign. Projected lighting was then installed in the cabinet top to illuminate the replica after dark.

“The airplane turned out absolutely beautiful,” stated Lonnie Hillen of Indigo Signworks. “We couldn’t have asked for it to be better. We’ve received many compliments from our customer.”

This project is another example of the attention to detail and fine craftsmanship that goes into every Signs By Benchmark product. Call 800-658-3444 today to discuss your unique signage needs, whether it be accents or complete signage. The Signs By Benchmark team can turn your ideas into reality!

Airplane Production Airplane Finished 1
Airplane DrawingAirplane Finished 2