South Dakota State Parks & Recreation Signage

When the South Dakota Division of Parks and Recreation decided on new signage for Hartford Beach State Park and Pelican Lake Recreation Area, they called Bill Ortmeier of Stein Sign Display in Watertown, South Dakota. Realizing that plans called for innovative custom designs, Ortmeier introduced the Division to signs manufactured by Signs By Benchmark.

Mindful of State Parks and Recreation objectives, Signs By Benchmark Designer Jamie Kakacek created design proposals that harmonized well with the surrounding environment:

  • Engineered stone base
  • Acrylic stucco finish
  • Greens and browns to reflect physical surroundings
  • Parks & Recreation bronze emblem plaque recessed into the face to deter vandalism
  • Embossed lettering coated directly into sign face
  • Pole-mounted on concrete slab
  • 7.5′ tall and 11′ 7″ wide.

Ortmeier addressed a particular design challenge. “Kakacek did a good job of creating mirror images on the double-sided signs,” he stated. “This was a team effort. It was a joy to work with the State, moving from point A to point B in order to get the job done.”

Because of well-coordinated teamwork between Stein Sign Display and Signs By Benchmark, installation was quick and efficient. The lightweight composite core meant less impact on the environment – the sign was installed using only a small skid loader.

“Both signs fit their role very well,” stated Jay DeLange of S.D. State Parks and Recreation. “The Pelican Lake Recreation Area sign is located within the park, making the entrance more inviting. The Hartford Beach State Park sign occupies a more informative position, directing visitors to the park entrance.  Signs By Benchmark did an outstanding job of affixing our emblem to each of the signs.”

“The signs are very attractive,” continued  DeLange. “Their appeal causes visitors to experience a ‘feel-good’ attitude about the parks. That was our goal.”